Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Good Soldiers

Good Soldiers is a British company producing boxed sets of metal figures.

A colour party of six Federal Irish Brigade soldiers from the American Civil War, purchased thru ebay.


Cofalu is a French company specialising in Cycling Board Games. Boards are sold representing major cycle races, including the Tour de France. Seemingly, customised figures are sold to represent major cycling teams but a set of six figures in basic colours are produced. These are 1:32 scale and are effectively tokens for the game.

I bought sixty of these figures, ten in each colour via ebay in Belgium.

Blue Box

Blue Box, die cast figures of around 60mm. I have seen small and expensive sets of Romans, American Civil War and Napoleonic figures. Not really my favourite.

Napoleon and Wellington.

Linenhall Barracks

Linenhall Barracks is a small company based in the North of Ireland. They produce metal figures of Irish interest.

Michael Collins.

A boxed set of six figures, Irish Republican Army personnel from the 1980s.